The Guillemot Trust was instigated and initially financed by the late philanthropist Henry Bicket in 2009.  His vision and determined wish, was that the Trust would give sailing experience on the River Mersey to those who would not otherwise have the opportunity, especially the young and the less fortunate.

He put the Trust in the hands of the then Commodore Royal Mersey Yacht Club (David Massey).   Five Trustees: three from the Club and two from outside it were appointed.  An Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Solicitor were also appointed.  The initial work concerned writing the Trust documents, purchasing a boat, writing the rules, risk assessments and setting up the  administration; a very considerable amount of work achieved in a year by volunteers.  With RMYC volunteer crews the first client outings were in 2010.


The objects of the Charity, for the benefit of the public at large, are the provision of facilities (including vessels of any size), to enable;

  1. Young people;
  2. Physically or mentally disabled adults;
  3. Other adults

Who would otherwise be unable to afford to do so, to be trained in and to participate in the amateur sport of yacht sailing and cruising and competitive yacht racing on the River Mersey and elsewhere.

Key events timeline

  • 2009 11 Henry Brussel Bicket formed the trust with a sum of £20,000 making Robert Morris Bicket the first trustee
  • 2009 11 Jennifer Whittingham-Jones, Michael James Blaylock and Geoffrey Allen Topp are appointed new trustees
  • 2009 12 Captain Hugh Daglish made a trustee
  • 2010 03 Trust purchases a Sadler 25 yacht ‘Seleneus’ laying on the River Clyde
  • 2010 07 ‘Seleneus’ renamed ‘Guillemot’ by the Patron: Dame Lorna Muirhead DBE
  • 2010 10 Captain Hugh Daglish appointed chairman of trustees
  • 2011 05 Guillemot trust is recognised as a charity by the Charities Commission registration number 1141765
  • 2011 07 Guillemot General Management Committee formed
  • 2011 10 Gala performance by the English concert in aid of the Guillemot Trust
  • 2012 02 Geoffrey Alan Topp steps down as trustee
  • 2012 03 David Massey appointed trustee
  • 2012 08 Robert Bicket steps down as trustee
  • 2012 11 Tony Marston appointed trustee
  • 2023 03 HMRC recognises Guillemot Trust is a charity for tax purposes and donations can now be given with the benefits of gift aid